Listing Photos are KEY

Kelly Finley
Published on June 21, 2017

Listing Photos are KEY

Do you want to know the single most important thing, that will sell your home faster than anything else? What will make or break your listing? What makes it stand out from the competition? You probably already guessed since it was the title of todays blog post, but its the PHOTOS.  I cannot express the importance of professional photos ENOUGH. Sure, iPhones takes some cool photos and I’ve contemplated a sleek new Nikon with all the fancy lenses myself but honestly, there is nothing like a professional real estate photographer to capture the beauty of your home. Your pride and joy, where you made all those memories.   To illustrate my point, I will share with you a home I sold within the last year. This property sat on the market with a different realtor and different real estate company for 134 days, with only a handful of showings. Our inventory in Michigan has been historically low for several years and this was not only a Builders Model but it was the STAR of Homearama 2003. I like to think my description of the property added some pizazz, but the photos……..oh the photos. Take a look for yourself:


This photo was the before listing photo of a $450K home in Macomb County,  Michigan:  




Not a bad house, right? I mean, it’s ok.


So, what does the listing photo look like that makes you stop in your tracks and gets 10 showings in 2 days with a full price offer on Day 3? This photo for starters:




Honestly- there is no competition here. The wow factor is amazing not to mention it really did look that good in person!


Now then- want to see a few more before and afters of this fabulous house that sold in 3 days?


Ok, here we go…. The Back of the house before with camera/iPhone/Polaroid/Flip phone/who knows really: 






The back of the house after with our professional photographer:



“Aaaaahhhhh” you can practically see the clouds part, hear the birds chirping, smell the fresh cut grass and see the sun pop through. All from a picture!


I mean the house is fabulous but the before photos just DON’T do it justice at all.


How about the living room? Builder model, Homearama Star, you know the deets-





Stop it. This is not the same house. Can’t be. Oh yes. Yes. It. Is.


All together now: PHOTOS ARE KEY


Want to see the kitchen? Of course you do!





I mean OH MY GOD. Could it be more depressing? No, seriously? Want to invite everyone over for Thanksgiving Dinner? NO, of course you don’t. Not in THAT kitchen.


But what if I told you that you could have every family holiday and/or party and entertain all of your friends in this lovely kitchen? 


Yes! Of course you would! Who wouldn’t? It’s fantastic and these photos show just how amazing it is! It’s almost hard to believe that it is actually the same kitchen.


I always include a professional photographer on my listings at no charge to my clients.

If you would like to learn more about selling or the value of your home, contact me today!


Enjoy the sunshine!